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Amnis WebApp reduces your financial costs and simplifies your payments.
Transfer money to anyone anywhere – without limitations.
Amnis treasury - The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs

We were doing the same job as you, and we believed there must be a better way...

Amnis founders Michael, Robert and Philippe were responsible for finance and treasury in companies of diverse size.
Like you, they were paying high fees to banks and payment networks.
Why does it have to be like that?
We are surrounded by technologies that allow us to avoid these traditional payment procedures and automate our transactions. Should you accept this situation any longer? We don’t believe so.
If you consider that:

the cost for money transfers should be fully transparent

you don’t need your bank to send money

you and your suppliers shouldn’t be charged for every single payment

you should not pay for an extra currency account

your supplier’s account should be credited instantly

you don’t need your bank to send money

... so, we created PAY
the international money transfer feature.

It simplifies your SME finance team’s life and reduces your financial costs.  Really.

Here is what you get when you open a Free account.

Low cost domestic Money Transfer

With our Money Transfer Feature you can send money domestically, in more than 25 currencies quickly.
Your suppliers will receive the full amount in the domestic currency.

International Money Transfer in 120 countries

The International Money Transfer Feature is an easy and safe way to process your cross border payments – to 120 countries.

Same Day Money Transfer

We know that payments must be done quickly.

Get the best value for your money and benefit from our unique payment rails.

Multi currency accounts

With this solution you are able to manage your different currencies, all with the least effort.

Bulk Payments

Our Bulk Payment feature helps you to transfer money more efficiently. Send money to multiple beneficiaries at once – with just one click.

Free, instant foreign currency payment thanks to PEER

Be part of the Amnis Peer-to-Peer-Network and work effectively with your peers worldwide – no limit.

The best feature so far. 

The international payment platform number #1 for SMEs

We made it as secure as a bank, as affordable as payment platforms, and just right for your SMEs needs.

Traditional Banks
Amnis WebApp
Payment Platforms

And it worked pretty well so far...

“Since 2015,


of all 1,093 companies that opened an account are still using Amnis WebApp today!”

Michael Wüst
founder and CEO

... for them and many more.

Getting started has never been so easy
and saving neither!

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