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We understand that a company with imports has different priorities
from a company with exports. Thus, we designed it this way.
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Amnis WebApp was initially built for import-oriented companies.
The platform helps financial managers to transfer money quickly to any country worldwide, for a fraction of the bank’s fee, while exchanging the given currency volume at the lowest possible rate – no minimum transaction volume required.


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The FREE plan is made for you. Start off with your FREE account to avoid high banking fees and adapt as you grow.


Use Amnis WebApp to collect receivables from your export business, exchange foreign currency right away, and keep control over your payments and risk exposure.

Our platform supports your business model with dedicated features to lower the financial barriers for your export growth.


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Optimize your cash management with our ESSENTIAL account.

The international payment platform number #1 for SMEs

Global Partner Network

Do you constantly need to check if your Chinese suppliers have received the money in time and whether your German customer has already settled all payments?

It is time-consuming to handle all the different foreign funds while looking for the best and cheapest way to exchange currencies.
Amnis WebApp facilitates this process and gets FX done fast, fairly, and in a simple way – so that you don’t need to worry about your Chinese suppliers anymore.


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Request a customised offer to find the perfect match.

Online Marketplace and Trade

Do you get hundreds of small payments per month and need to accumulate them to get a better exchange rate?
Would your customers like to pay in different currencies?

Amnis WebApp offers interfaces to automate these payment processes and convert currencies instantly into your desired currency. To guarantee the highest flexibility, even multi-user and multi-account management is possible.


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Choose the most suitable plan based on your volume… and benefit from the possibility to receive payments in your client’s currency directly on your bank account. No need for foreign currency accounts.

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