COLLECT - For simple international payment collections, from anywhere

Amnis WebApp allows you to receive international payments from all over the world.
Via your Multi-IBAN account or Amnis P2P-NETWORK you can collect invoices quickly – in any tradable currency.
Amnis treasury - The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs

We’ve felt it was not fair to be charged every time just for receiving money...

Our founders, ex-treasurers, were facing the following dilemma:

Why should we be charged for receiving our money?

Once, maybe twice? Still acceptable… But after hundreds of payments per month, we started rethinking.

Why should it cost a fortune to collect our payments?

Today’s technologies allow to:

Avoid bank fees on your international collections

Get a multi-IBAN account instead of an expensive currency account at your local bank, park your money to reuse it instantly

Again, we searched for a possibility to combine the advantages of these technologies while still keeping it simple. Thus, we came up with this idea.

... so, COLLECT was born our feature to simplify your payment collection.

This is the best way to avoid high bank fees.
Also your suppliers and partners will thank you for providing an IBAN in their currency.

Here is what you get when you open an Essential account.

Free virtual currency accounts

Take your international payment collections to the next level and streamline your cash management process with our free virtual currency accounts.

Dedicated IBANs

Ideal to receive money in multiple currencies. You don’t need multiple currency accounts with your bank – and pay for that. Just send invoices in your clients currency.

Virtual IBAN for 24 currencies

Highest efficiency and flexibility with your virtual IBANs that allow you to collect money easily in more than 20 currencies – without losing control.

Automations for currency conversion

Don’t worry about currency exchange – we have a solution for you.

If you receive a payment in a foreign currency and want it to be converted, our system can automate it for you.

(Coming in March 2021)

Automated money transfer to your bank

Transfer your cash from your Amnis WebApp to your local bank automatically, so you’ll never lose track.

(Coming in March 2021)

Free and immediately available currencies with PEER

Being part of the Amnis Peer-to-Peer-Network is a huge advantage. Benefit from free, instant payment collection from all your peers worldwide.

The international payment platform number #1 for SMEs

We made it as secure as a bank, as affordable as payment platforms, and just right for your SMEs needs.

Traditional Banks
Amnis WebApp
Payment Platforms

And it worked pretty well so far...

“Since 2015,


of all 1,093 companies that opened an account are still using Amnis WebApp today!”

Michael Wüst
founder and CEO

We think it is just fair to try out different options available on the market. We also shop in different stores. But we do love that our clients come back.

... for them and many more.

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