About Amnis

Your business success should not be hindered by barriers to global payments - this is why we are here.

Amnis WebApp was created with the idea of reinventing the work of SME finance managers by radically eliminating barriers to global payments.
We believe that the right tool can allow our users to strategise and process their international payments as quickly and securely as their local transfers.
Amnis, born in 2014 in Zürich, Switzerland, has quickly become the
favorite money transfer platform for SMEs.

Amnis is led by people with a clear vision...

Meet our Board of Directors

Michael Wuest

Co-founder and CEO

Robert Bloch

Co-founder and COO

Philippe Christen

Co-founder and CFO

Peter Gerlach

Member of the board

Stefan Bürzle

Member of the board

… joined by a team who believes in the mission...

Meet our team

András Ratz


David Félix

Sales Developer

Bertrand Blancheton

Head of Marketing

Pascal Widmer

Key Account Manager

Canio Telesca

Business Development

Luis Hysa

Software Engineer

Marius Löffler

Business Development

Sabrina Maly

Customer Success &
Marketing Manager

… guided by experts who show us the right way...

Meet our Advisory Board

Daniel Andres

Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Investor specialised in the technology sector

Dr. Otto Huber

Entrepreneur and Specialist in Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Dr. Cornelia Gut-Villa

Founder of a consulting company and expert in Business Development and Innovation

Dr. Florian Linner

Managing Partner of an international investment management group and experienced in Treasury & Regulatory Affairs

Markus Rohner

Director of one of the Big Four with expertise in Corporate Governance, Compliance, and Financial Crime

... and trusted by investors and partners.

Meet our partners


Venture Capital Partner


Business Partner

WIR Bank

Affiliate Partner


Startup Program Partner

We stand for these values


We stand up against the old-fashioned traits of the finance industry.
Our human and personal approach, combined with an inclusive attitude, is key to providing optimal support
for all customers.


We are dynamic in our approach to constantly improve our offerings and services for SMEs. More so, our aim is to help finance managers reimagine and reinvent their processes by always seeking new and unique possibilities.


We choose ways that respect people’s challenges in a friendly and welcoming manner.
A down-to-earth mindset allows us to empathetically provide efficient and reliable support.

Based in Switzerland - the place to build a financial platform

… and it has so much more to offer.
Not only is Switzerland known for its efficient and secure banking system but Zurich, where we are located, is also the best place to meet financial institutions, experts, specialised universities, and researchers.

Our region is the cradle of important innovations and numerous Fintech startups – just think of the establishment of the crypto valley in Zug in 2017, a city located close to Zurich.

Security first

We put security first and are hence regulated by the self-regulatory organisation VQF.

The VQF functions as an official FINMA-recognized self-regulatory organisation pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and aims at creating a stable environment, where investors, creditors and you are better protected.

Join us and start today!